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MA in Financial Economics and Finance

A joint program between the Department of Economics and the Business School


The MA program in Financial Economics and Finance (FEF) was launched as a pilot in the Summer of 2001 as a joint program between the School of Business and Department of Economics. The idea for this program was born from the fact that quite a few outstanding BA students majoring in Economics wanted to pursue careers in Finance, yet did not wish to get an MBA – a broad management degree. The last 10 years witnessed a continuing increase in the demand for Finance specialists around the world, resulting in the establishment of Master in Finance programs in leading Universities worldwide. FEF program takes the same route attracting well trained graduates in Economics from the leading Israeli universities. The MA level courses in Economics are taught at a very high level, awarding students a solid foundation on which the program builds their Finance training.  The combination of a careful applicant screening and the rigorous training allows FEF to award its students a much deeper knowledge and understanding of Finance and Financial Economics.

Students are required to take a set of mandatory courses from both departments, and then can add electives, also from both. The program demands about 20% more hours than the MA in Economics, or the MBA. 

After 6 years the interest in the program is growing and the students come from the top of the grade distribution: the cutoff grade in 2003 was around 88, while in 2007 it was almost 91. Some students get admitted conditionally, and once they show good performance they join the program as full-fledged members.  At the same time the program is not planned to be large, and the selection of applicants is very careful.

The program helps its students find work in formal as well as informal ways. In the graduating class of 2007 – all the students were employed by August. The Financial market in Israel recognizes the quality of applicants and the program gets frequent inquiries from potential employers. Some of the students get employed overseas as well.

Finally, the program is a good step towards the Ph.D. in Finance in Israel or abroad. Its rigorous training allows students sufficient exposure and understanding of the field to make the choice. In the last 4 years four graduates were accepted to very prestigious Ph.D. programs in the US (Chicago, Cornell, Harvard, and Stanford).


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